habitat Netzwerk | UX Testing
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UX Testing

All “habitat’s Network” partners are convinced of the added value that comes from active user involvement in the development process. They have already established user-centered approaches in their own processes and developed the skills required for these approaches.


Usability and UX issues after market rollout can be avoided and user experience improved through complementary activities during the concept design and development process, early evaluation of first prototypes and appropriation studies in real contexts later on. User feedback can be acquired directly through methods and approaches – qualitative and quantitative – that are suited to the different development phases. And, during development, necessary changes can be considered immediately.


  • Technical realization in an early phase (concept design)
    • Costumer journey mapping
    • Focus groups
    • Heuristic evaluation
    • User/PD workshops with specific foci
    • Usability testing based on task-based walkthrough, Wizard of Oz in artificial lab settings

  • Technical realization in a later phase
    • Self-documentation (in-situ feedback) in the field using integrated feedback applications
    • Observations
    • Interview
    • User workshops
    • Questionnaires for technology acceptance and UX
    • Eye tracking
    • Data logs


  • Study design (field and lab settings)
  • Selection of research methods
  • User acquisition
  • Administration of studies
  • Data analysis
  • Usability Lab