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Smart Home Shop & Play


Users have to face many decisions when buying a Smart Home system. First of all, it is about recognizing the specific needs of individuals or several people in the household who are to be addressed by a Smart Home System. As soon as consumers have defined their own requirements, they have to decide on a particular technical solution – the final Smart Home system. But, to make a final and appropriate decision, the user has to work through a great variety of often incompatible technical solutions. After purchase, the next step is the installation and configuration of the Smart Home system in the building, combined with further decisions about the use-cases to be implemented.


“Current Smart Home Systems are designed by engineers for engineers. Our approach is designed and developed to help end users to use technology while being able to distance themselves from it. We also want to guide the user from specific use cases and needs to a tailor-made individual Smart Home solution“
, so Philippe Hennes, Sr. Product Owner Innovations of the peak lab.


Our Smart Home Shop & Play approach achieves these aims as possible user issues are addressed and solved during the ordering process:


  • Selecting specific requirements: lighting, room climate, security comfort and analysis
  • Selecting pre-defined scenarios for managing and automatization of the Smart Home System
  • Adjusting the Smart Home components in line with the requirements and selected scenarios – independent of the given architectural situation
  • Ordering and delivering the pre-linked and pre-configured Smart Home system (ready to play)

After the components have been received, the user only needs to position these in the designated rooms and switch them on. The linking of the modules and configuration download happens automatically in the background so that the system is ready-to-use immediately.


The Smart Home Shop and Play basically consists of three components:


  • Order process with CRM to gather and store requirements and scenarios, further order and payment information as well as logistics data
  • ProSyst mPRM von Bosch Software Innovations for administration and maintenance of configuration profiles and scenarios via the cloud as well as well for managing the Smart Home gateways and their software at the user’s home
  • Smart Home Gateway is responsible for inter-connectivity between the components, the communication to mPRM, update of components with firmware (OSGi) and scenarios (from the cloud)

The ordering process is implemented as a White Label Web Application and provides an interactive user interface in order to create a suitable configuration in a fast and easy way.


After presenting the Smart Home Shop & Play concept, it did convince providers as well as potential users at first sight. It’s especially the support while choosing the components and the configuration of individual Smart Home gadgets that is seen as positive about the concept. In our future developments, Shop and Play shall be tested and advanced in the Living Lab with our test households.

„With Shop & Play I feel – as somebody who’s not especially talented in technical things – catched and understood! Smart Home should be something for everyman“ , as one oft the participants of the Living Lab Oldenburg declares.