habitat Netzwerk | Creation and Development
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Creation & Development

Our creation and development services comprise the concept, the design and the development of Smart Home services and user interfaces. “habitat’s Network” partners have an extensive and long-term cooperation in merging the digital interfaces of hardware and software development, especially for IoT middleware and interface design.


  • Consulting and empirical methods supporting the conception and design of Smart Home solutions
  • Requirement analysis
  • UI- and UX-Design, Branding


  • Consulting and selection of technical architectures (OEM, white label and development of new products)
  • Software prototyping and development
  • User-centered design
  • Lab tests and certification in accredited laboratories

Professional services for devolo Smart Home solutions and Bosch ProSyst products

  • Channel management and marketing for devolo Smart Home solutions
    • Maintenance
    • Packaging, shipping & selling
    • Hotline support
    • Webinars
    • Retesting and certification for new EU standards and guidelines
  • Concept design of Smart Home solutions in cooperation with Bosch ProSyst product
    • End-to-end use cases
    • Smart Home scenarios
    • Proof of concept development
    • Hardware evaluation
    • Device integration based on Bosch ProSyst product